It is easy to forget that talk around artificial intelligence (AI) began decades ago. In a paper presented at the 3rd international joint conference on artificial intelligence in Stanford, USA (author references below) in August 1973, it was stated: “At the present stage of research in artificial intelligence, machines are still remote from achieving a […]

Naxian’s Bernard Senekal explains that IOTEC brings a strong competency from the telecommunication space and has invested heavily in the marketing and sales of LoRa networks. “These low power WAN networks are radio-based networks that are currently rolling out countrywide and act as the conduit that carries small amounts of data available from sensors back to IoT management environments/platforms.”

One of the biggest challenges facing technology vendors and end users alike is the ongoing threat presented by the commoditisation of products. Commoditisation, says Bernard Senekal, MD of Naxian Systems, is the process by which technology that was traditionally viewed as ‘cheap’ has stood up and started delivering quality and features at the same or […]